You start off on slides and before you know it its helter skelters. It’s a downward spiral..


Say, Marge, what’s for dinner? #snospmiseht

There’s a lot of down time when you holiday with mum. #monstertailloom

Look at this baby! He made a beeline for us :)

Daylight creeping in. 3hours sleep. Might be due to me being on quilts on the floor.

I slipped two plastic duckies in the pond without first seeking the dogs’ permission. They were outraged!

I bought a loom yesterday #whatasurprise

We released the hounds #jackrussel #manchesterterrier #dogstagram

Obligatory beach shot bc i seen a beach today and you might it know im near a beach.


requested by missambear

Boring myself with all the tea dresses but idk where to move on to.